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A circular economy is a new approach to doing business; manufacturers are selling services rather than products; designers are inventing for durability and repairability, and at the end of the life, the products are getting a new life, and resources are kept in a continuous loop. In a circular economy, economic growth and ecological growth can go hand in hand by embracing sustainability and green practices. Transitioning to carbon-neutral fuels like Green(Bio) hydrogen can help achieve net-zero emission targets. Bio-Hydrogen is critical in enabling a decarbonized energy system.

Zeroing Impact is trying to help individuals, companies, and organizations to adopt circularity and fill the knowledge and skill gaps by providing consulting and training on Circular economy, LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), GHG accounting and Bio-Fuels.


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LCA, GHG & Circular Economy Consulting

LCA, GHG & Circular Economy Consulting

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Instructor Led Training

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LCA & Circular Economy project

LCA & Circular Economy project

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Happy Customers

Ritu is a brilliant educator in the space of circular economy. Through her guidance during the LCA course, I was able to perform life cycle assessment via different software. Her guidance made the work very smooth and easy to understand.

Abhay Misri
Abhay Misri Consultant at KPMG India

Thank you Ritu Kesarwani for sharing your thoughts and lucid explanation of LCA. The course was informative. The brief training on LCA tools were interesting

Amaresh Gowri Shankar
Amaresh Gowri Shankar Associate Consultant, KPMG India

I took Ritu's course on Introduction to Circular Economy recently. This course has broadened my mind on the opportunities that are available in a circular economy 1) reducing disposal costs 2) being creative with the product at end of life. Ritu's course has not only to help me understand CE concepts but it has also allowed me to apply it at my workplace. Ritu uses real-life examples and explains very clearly. My Saturday morning classes have been something I've been looking forward to!

Arjun Krishnan
Arjun Krishnan Recyclable Material & Supplies Manager at EFS Plastics Perth East, Ontario, Canada

The session was very informative and engaging. The instructor was extremely bright and well-informed about the circular economy concepts and new business ideas. I’m very happy to have been a part of it and have learned a lot of new things. Well-balanced content with a variety of real-life examples and case studies. Thank you very much – terrific work

Dr. Shilpa Tripathi
Dr. Shilpa Tripathi Dean (Student Welfare), Prof. I/c (training) Medi-Caps University, Indore, India Chairman, The Institute of Engineers (India).Indore, India

I had a hands on training on the LCA software and the App too. Appreciate your mentoring and explaining skills!!!

Jitesh Mohanan
Jitesh Mohanan Environment Manager at China Railway Construction Co. Ltd. Etihad Rail 2D Project Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I enjoyed being a part of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software Hands-On Training. It was a great experience and I got the chance to sharpen my basics and handle the tool. I thank my trainer Ritu Kesarwani for being very patient and sharing technical hacks. I am thrilled about the value that this experience has already brought to my work and the project I work on.

Aishwarya Mohan
Aishwarya Mohan Project Associate at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai Tamil Nadu, India

It is my honour to recommend Ritu Kesarwani for Openlca hands on training.she helped me in my phD project work related to sewage treatment plant. She has tremendous knowledge about various waste water treatment plant and all of its parameters and processes.Through her guidance I was able to perform lca of STP using Openlca software. She is an outstanding educator who has a deep knowledge about life cycle assessment and circular economy.I highly recommend Ritu and would love to learn many other concepts related to LCA again.

Meera Kuvarani
Meera Kuvarani Assistant Professor at GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, VALSAD, India

I was very curious as to what Life Cycle Assessment was but was very intimidated because I thought it was very technical. Ritu's lessons however were easy to understand, and also practical. She was also open to answering any questions that I had. If I have to take review classes on LCA once more, I would not hesitate to learn from her again. Highly recommended!

Justin Phillip
Justin Phillip Student of Master of Science in Sustainability Management, Vienna, Austria

I highly recommend Ms. Ritu to anyone seeking to learn about life cycle analysis. Ms. Ritu has extensive experience in the field and a deep understanding of the concepts involved. Their training sessions are well-organized, informative, and engaging, making complex ideas easy to understand. I found their training to be highly valuable and practical. Overall, Ms. Ritu is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of life cycle analysis.

Abhijeet Roychowdhury
Abhijeet Roychowdhury Associate - Sustainability & ESG, PKC Advisory (a KIPCO group company) || NLU || XIMB || CIPETAssociate - Sustainability & ESG, PKC Advisory (a KIPCO group company) || NLU || XIMB || CIPET

I truly appreciate you for giving me hands on training on Open LCA software. Thank you so much for your passion and all the depth and applications you go into with the topics.

Poonam V
Poonam V Environmental Engineer, STEP Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India

It is my honor to recommend Ritu Kesarwani for the Open LCA hands-on training. She is an outstanding educator who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has a unique ability to engage her students in the learning process and help them to grow and learn. I highly recommend this course to all desirable Environmental Engineers like me.

Rajkumar Bhaskar
Rajkumar Bhaskar Environmental Engineer, Eagle Envitech, India

Ritu is well-versed with the concepts of LCA. Her LCA workshop helped me in understanding the importance of LCA, basic concepts and various softwares that can be used. I’d recommend Ritu to anyone looking for hands on training on LCA.

Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy
Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy Consultant, Deloitte, Gurgaon, India

I have earned two professional LCA training certificates (total two courses) from Zeroing Impact. These trainings have provided me a very strong foundation on both the OpenLCA software and LCA methodology. The training modules are outstanding and highly useful. Additionally, Ritu Kesarwani (Educator) is remarkable, knowledgeable, and very helpful. The education I received from Zeroing Impact through taking these classes is enormously valuable as it has undoubtedly prepared me to become a sophisticated LCA practitioner.

Mohan R A
Mohan R A Researcher, Vellore Institute of Technology

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