Projects for graduate students

We at zeroing impact, provide opportunities for passionate engineers and scientists in finding ways to transition from a "Take-Make-Dispose" business model to a holistic circular business model.
Apart from inculcating the circular economy concept through lessons, we mentor students where they can apply circular economy principles in redesigning and reinventing products and services. Zeroing Impact help students in several ways::

  • We guide them in developing innovative ideas for their projects related to a circular economy, biofuels, waste management, and recycling
  • We support them in identifying the pressing sustainability issues and their solution.
  • We mentor them throughout their project for its successful completion.

STEM Projects

STEM learning is about designing innovative solutions for real-life problems. Project-based learning is an ideal way to enhance STEM skills in young scientists. We, at Zeroing Impact,
help students learn the green concepts, recycling & upcycling ideas and circular economy principles through various STEM projects. We empower students by developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We also support the students in developing their project idea to the successful completion of the project.